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What is The Tree Tarot?

Are you by nature more of an opportunistic Ash or a formidable Oak? How are your relationships going right now? Are they more Bramble than Honeysuckle? And how are you handling life's twists and turns - Intuitively like the Elm? With the energy and vigour of Tilia cordata or with flashes of your own chaotic magic, like the Rowan?
The Tree Tarot is a game of signs and self-reflection. Shuffle the deck and let the right cards find you. Allow their simple messages to unfurl within the context of your own experience. Repeat the process alone as a morning ritual, or with friends as a catalyst for some supportive communication. Before you know it, practical tree wisdom, brought to you directly from the countless arboreal beings who have illuminated my working landscape, will become your indispensable guide.
Jacqueline Waring - Professional Tree Inspector, Professional Member of the Arboricultural Association, Writer and Designer

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