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Falling Leaves - Falling Prices.... time to do a little promotion ahead of Christmas and all that sparkly jazz! For the month of October only, any product from The Tree Tarot range has 25% off. It's an excellent saving on something that will make an unforgettable gift. Do you have friends who love nature, are passionate about conservation of the natural world? Then The Tree Tarot is for them. Know someone with a spiritual side? Someone who enjoys light-hearted self-reflection, some informed and enlightening assistance to see deeper into their own nature and behaviour? They will be captivated by the gift of a Tree Tarot 56 card deck (beautifully made by Ivory Graphics) and the essential Tree Tarot Book of Interpretation. Shuffle the deck and the right card will find you. Prepare to be enlightened! Alone of with friends, a Tree Tarot reading delivers an autumnal abundance of fun, fascination and food-for-thought...

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