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Do Tarot Cards Predict the Future?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Well mine don't. I believe a lot of what happens in my future will, one way or another, be down to me. But a bit of insightful counsel can be an encouragement, and a prompt to some valuable reflection. The Tree Tarot is consciously designed and written to interpret the real messages of insight and inspiration embedded in our natural world. This morning I did a quick 2 card reading looking for some insight into how my Tree Tarot project itself was progressing. Starting up is a challenging process, confidence comes and goes, some days are full of light and fun, others...not so much :-)

So this is my reading. The layout is called 'Dappled Light', a name I chose because it reminded me of how just a few speckles of tree wisdom can illuminate complex issues. The cards will have resonance with one another. On the left, the Root card belongs to the 'Earth' suit - a collection of signs and symbols referencing the multi-faceted interaction we have with our reality. Like a tree in relation to the earth from which it emerges, we change our reality through our own existence. Root commentary in The Tree Tarot is based on rooting behaviour, as understood by biological science. And, surprise surprise, in nature rooting has nothing to do with being 'rooted to the spot'. On the contrary, roots relentlessly travel, seeking out sustenance for tree and plant. Rooting is associated with adventure, discovery, learning and personal expansion. The appearance of this card leads me to consider I may be ready to expand my horizons!

The Hornbeam card belongs to the Overstorey suit. Overstorey is a dominant suit - the big trees, the bigger picture. Every woodland has an overstorey, a complement of larger trees making up the woodland canopy beneath which the environmental context is set for life below. The Hornbeam has a reputation for producing very tough wood, sometimes called musclewood. In life there are times when we need to dig deep and produce a tough response to challenges. Combined with respect and self honesty, forcefulness can be a force for good. The Hornbeam whispers that there is wisdom in nurturing a well of true grit.

What can I infer from these cards then? Well, what jumps out to me is that, yes, I do feel a deep inner impulse to push on with my project, to take it to places new to me, to stretch myself in search of fertile ground in which to expand my ambitions. But the Hornbeam has issued me a reminder - the adventure will present challenges and I may need to face those challenges with grit and determination. These 2 cards and the wisdom they have to impart will stay in my mind today. I will be alert to opportunities, eager to make progress. But I will also refuse to be deterred by things that don't go as well as they could. I won't be daunted by meeting opposition. Thinking about it, yes, I do need to nurture the tougher side of my personality. Although my endeavours regularly make my heart sing, launching a project like this one cannot always be a sunny walk in the park...

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