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How We Can Help Nature

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The most important thing we can do in order to help preserve, conserve, protect and enrich our natural world is to educate ourselves about its vital processes. Lack of understanding leads to complacency, poor decision-making and harmful mistakes. it also seriously constrains our ability to deal with the manifold environmental problems we now face. In designing and producing The Tree Tarot I have created a 'soft' way in to real nature-knowledge. The Tree Tarot is a nature-inspired game of self-reflection soundly based on my knowledge of trees and woods, and their vital significance to the life cycle of planet earth.

I have spent 27 years, and counting, working with trees, woods and the wooded landscape. It is a mosaic of characters, personalities, survival strategies, aesthetic complexity and inspiring diversity. I know of nothing more beautiful and I have learned so much more from my time as a roving tree practitioner than biological technicalities. Our trees and woods have many things they can teach us. The wisdom to be drawn from the extraordinary life processes encapsulated in tree and woodland presence can be a vital resource as we navigate our own human existence on a daily basis. The trees have shaped my life for me. I bless them for it. And I have no doubt they have precious, life-enhancing guidance to offer to anyone who is prepared to listen and understand.

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