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The Perfect Christmas Gift

The gift of The Tree Tarot is a gift of celebration. We all have friends and family with a love of, and a deep connection with, nature. Our trees and woods are the precious jewels in our landscapes; we love them, and we know that they have wisdom to impart. I have spent a working lifetime in the company of trees. What they have told me I have distilled in The Tree Tarot so that, what the trees have to say to you will emerge, as you hold these beautiful cards. A very special relationship with the reader takes shape as single cards are chosen and gently laid out. Once the trees have spoken, then the Book is opened and tree wisdom unfurls to touch your thoughts. A simple, elegant process, fascinating to undergo. Every encounter you have with The Tree Tarot will leave you more closely connected to the extraordinary nature of our planet and more deeply in tune with the internal landscapes of your own heart and mind.

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