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The Tree Tarot

I began The Tree Tarot knowing I wanted to communicate my knowledge about trees and their green environments while, at the same time, allowing nature's metaphysical messaging (something that had become increasingly important to me over a working lifetime spent meeting trees in the Scottish Highlands) to find its way into the hearts and minds of whoever read this unique Book of Interpretation.

The Tree Tarot can be read as a private activity - sometimes solitude and an open heart allows for the deepest self-reflection. But from the outset, people have said how much they enjoy The Tree Tarot as a group, as something of a game, to be played with a light heart and an open mind in the company of a few good friends. Laughter usually ensues, there is fun and a little astonishment. Sometimes friends can receive a message at a deeper level on your behalf, they know you well, their vision can be clearer. With the options for play in mind, The Tree Tarot is available as a single, complete set, or as a 56 card deck alone, to support multi-person engagement. Better still, why not take advantage of the discounted multi-pack purchase and gift your friends with the opportunity to join The Tree Tarot circle and be joyfully enlightened?

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