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What is Rewilding?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

When we restore land we have used for agriculture or other commercial purposes back to a condition nearer its natural state, we reinvigorate depleted landscapes and give nature an opportunity to do what she does best - keep our environment in healthy balance. To find out what charitable organisation Trees for Life is doing to Rewild the Highlands click on the image above.

To understand how valuable Rewilding can be, we first have to acknowledge the vital importance of our connection with the ecosystems of this earth. Appreciating the biology of the trees and woods around us, being aware of the fascinating differences between species, and their varying ecological contributions, puts us in the right place from which to consider the benefits of giving back space to the wild. The Tree Tarot seeks to inform as well as provide insightful spiritual direction. Because these things are inextricably linked, as civilizations down the ages have intuitively known. The Tree Tarot is a special blend of science, environmental awareness and metaphysical interpretation. Change starts in the heart and nature is our guide.

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