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What's Special About The Tree Tarot?

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

There is a very important difference between The Tree Tarot and other tarot concepts. Having been immersed in tree biology as a professional arboriculturalist for 27 years, my starting point has been the trees themselves. Their structures, physical attributes, survival and regeneration strategies, growth patterns and visual presentation. Drawing on an extensive knowledge of their group environments - the woods - combined with a fundamental awareness of the precious ecosystems they support, the pool of Tree Tarot wisdom quickly becomes filled to its deeps with complex connectivity and rich symbolism. Swimming in such a pool, reaching for enlightenment, it is impossible not to uncover compelling metaphysical messages linked directly to nature's tireless processes. Everything we see on the cards, from the vital pioneering behaviour of Betula pendula (Silver Birch) to the mind-blowing dark complexity of the soil microbiome, has the potential to illuminate our personal, human experience and inspire greater self-awareness. Hold The Tree Tarot deck in your hands, move the cards until a choice is made, bring your own unique energy into play. The messages conveyed by the cards are at once entirely personal and yet a powerful reminder of how closely, how meaningfully, we are knit into the nature of the green planet we call home.

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