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Why Do a Tree Tarot Reading?

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

I want to reflect a little on the art (because it is an art) of self-reflection. Life is a hectic business. Day-to-day we find ourselves immersed in practical concerns, relationship management, the requirement to meet and address a myriad of challenges both large and small. A feeling of being overwhelmed, or maybe just not up to the task, can become our default emotional state; and I don't need to tell you how unhealthy that is.

Our personal goals, as well as our emotional stability can get lost in this storm. The Tree Tarot is a gentle reminder to stop, breathe and take a little time to look inward. The messages are plainly conveyed and always seek to deliver positivity. Why wouldn't they? Having spent a working lifetime studying trees in the places where they choose to live I can tell you - nature knows only growth, life, more growth and constant regeneration. An encounter with The Tree Tarot will delight and inspire you.

So keep your deck and Book of Interpretation to hand and, when your mind is clouded, the way unclear, ask the trees for direction. Pick a layout from the back of the book, or devise your own. If you are familiar with other Tarot sets, you can use layouts you've used before. What matters is that you shuffle the deck yourself, communicating energetically with the wisdom of the cards. When you have chosen your cards (or they have chosen you) you can turn them face up, one-by-one using the Book to guide your interpretation of their messages. Remember though, these wonderful messages are drawn directly from our deep connection to our natural world, through its kings, the trees. Everything revealed to you must be interpreted within the context of your own life experience. Quiet self-reflection, guided by real tree wisdom will be your inner light through life's turbulence.

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