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Literature review matrix about bullying

Harris & Hathorn f Literature Review of School Bullying 6 (2006, p. 53) summarize that 48% of elementary students reported that bullying happens at. Literature Review On Bullying Satisfactory Essays 1573 Words 7 Pages Open Document Bullying has always occurred in schools. It was not until the 1990s that bullying became a public concern. Majority cases of bullying does not always result in a school shooting, but the number of kids taking their life due to bullying is increasing. She found that nearly 70% of students were involved in cyberbullying in some capacity, as a bully or victim. In a similar study, Li (2007) found that 39% of students have been involved in cyberbullying, while 52% were aware of a peer being harassed through electronic m.... middle of paper..f bullies, victims, and bully/victims. Literature Review on Bullying in School Literature Review on Bullying in School Literature Review on Bullying in School (PDF) Workplace Bullying: An Integrative Literature Review Literature Review Introduction Bullying is a very negative offense that is described as “repetitive behavior that harms or hurts another person physically, socially or emotionally; and is an imbalance of power in which the target cannot stop the behavior and defend themselves” (National Bullying Prevention Center, 2016e, para, 2).

bullying. Cyberbullying makes it hard for some students to escape from the bullying, because cyberbullying is through technology, so it allows the bullying to continue outside of the school walls. This literature review is going to give students, teachers, administrators, and parents some helpful tips as to This integrative review reports that bullying is categorized as work related, personal, and physical/threatening. These behaviors occurring in. participating group are discussed. A review of literature is provided and results and analysis of the survey are discussed as well as recommendations for future research. Erdur-Baker’s (2010) study revealed that 32% of the students were victims of both cyberbullying and traditional bullying, while 26% of the students bullied others in both

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Literature review matrix about bullying

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